First Aid For Business

We are your partner in first aid, backed by years of expertise in safety, emergency response and occupational first aid. We understand it can be difficulted to manage first aid in a business, so we are here to help with First Aid Kit Servicing

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  • 15% all other supplies
  • An employee benefits for your staff is a 10% discount code to match your discount for our Web store.
  • Free advice, ensuring you’re not just equipped but also informed.
  • Invoicing available 
  • Easy ordering options via web, QR code or spread sheet.

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When it comes to workplace safety, having the right first aid kit is essential. Different workplaces have different risks, and it's important to choose a first aid kit that is tailored to the specific hazards and needs of your workplace. 

Here are some key factors to consider when selecting a first aid kit for your workplace:

  •  Assess the Risk Level
  • Determine the Required Contents
  • Consider Specialised Kits ( such as burn kits in kitchens)
  •  Ensure Compliance with Regulations
  • Train Employees in First Aid


Find The Right Kit For You.