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The Cardiact AED Wall Bracket is a functional low-cost and easy-to-install wall-mounted bracket for most AED types. It keeps your defibrillator clean and dust free and creates a storage location for your defibrillator that is highly visible in the workplace. Functional: The bracket is designed to securely mount most AED types making it easy to access in an emergency. Compact: The bracket is compact and measures 420mm x 380mm x 150mm making it a space-saving solution for your workplace. Low-cost: The bracket is a cost-effective way to store and protect your AED. Easy to install: The bracket is easy to install requiring no tools. ANZCOR-approved signage: The bracket comes with ANZCOR-approved signage which helps to ensure that your AED is visible and accessible in an emergency. Keeps your defibrillator clean and dust free: The bracket helps to keep your defibrillator clean and dust free which can help to extend its lifespan. Highly visible in the workplace: The bracket's green colour makes it highly visible in the workplace so you can easily find it in an emergency.

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